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Teenage is an impressionable stage for children. Hence, parents must be cautious.

Most parents find it difficult to keep their teenagers high-spirited. At this stage, kids struggle with hormonal havoc, visible alterations in their physique and complications of young adult life. When everything starts to pile up, kids might get gloomy, stay in their rooms and find nothing interesting to do.

Instead of lecturing or schooling them, parents can adopt a few positive habits that will help them keep the child’s spirits high. Read on.

Listen & Communicate Empathetically

Most parents often brush off teenage problems thinking the phase would pass. However, a child going through the stages of adolescence can find it difficult to tackle seemingly childish situations.

Therefore, listening is the key. If parents actually lend ears to their kid’s little problems and talk to them with empathy, it will make the child feel heard without any judgements. A study in Raising Children says that children in close knitted and openly communicating families are less vulnerable to behavioural issues.

Respect Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental right for children, teenagers and adults. Hence, parents must be careful to not intrude on the privacy of their teen kids. The phase is difficult as is and they might also be struggling to discover their identity, individuality and passion. It is also natural to feel the desire to be independent with autonomy. 

At this stage, if parents try to control or overlook every step of their kids, they might feel powerless, unmotivated and frustrated. Guardians must oversee their teens but in a way that they do not feel like being watched.

Support Endeavours

Teenage is a stage when children try to follow their passion or passions. One day it could be painting, the other day, it could be photography. Parents must support and promote their kids to follow their dreams instead of asking them to stick to one ‘hobby’. 

These extracurricular activities help a child develop confidence and add-on skills that could help them in their later phases of life. The support might also help the teen feel self-motivated into doing something constructive.

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Put Weight On The Process Than Outcome

Whether an adult or a teenager, the process should be the focus of the journey rather than the outcome. Goals drive people to strive for something great, but it is only the journey that develops skills and experiences.

There could be times when parents know that their child studied but did not get marks. It could be an opportunity to make them learn from their mistakes and motivate them to become a better version of themselves.

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